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Wisemans Ferry

I've been wanting to do this ride for sometime.  I vaguely remember many years ago, cutting across the north of Sydney to Singleton via the putty road (by car).  Many good folks have suggested the Wiseman Ferry ride, and others also mentioned I should do a run upto St. Alban's as well. 


I had planned to do this run one weekend with Bruno, but couldn't wait in the end. Anyway, Wednesday the 15th was a ripper of a day for biking it (no rain and under 30 celsius), so I headed off by myself relatively early in the day.  There are a couple of route options (I cutting across town from the Shire area of Sydney).  I opted to head up Silverwater road towards Pennant Hills road, then take the New Line road up through Dural.


(Click on the thumbnails below to get the full photo.

Just before you ride down the steepish but reasonable hill to the Hawsbury and the township of Wisemans Ferry, Hawkins Lookout on the left is worth stopping at briefly.  Also consider the Hawsbury Lookout on the right of the road.
I was actually quite impressed with the view across the river, with the ferry crossing below and Dahrug National Park to the north.
The township was cosy and shady. I wish I had more time to drop into the hotel for a quick XXXX Gold (next time).

The service station was convenient (I had half a tank left), and the fuel price was not hiked to country inflated prices.

There was a short wait for the ferry, but it is running continuosly and apparently paid by my road taxes.  The break gave me time to have a chat to other bikies who were also out mid-week for the ride.  The other bonus of riding mid-week is the lack of traffic (cars especially).  I didn't pass a car or bike between Wismans Ferry and Central Mangrove.
Just over the other side of the Hawksbury, the road starts to wind north-east between the river and the Dahrug national park.
 All kitted up and ready to head off to Central Mangrove and my destination of Ourimbah. From the outskirts of Sydney (West Pennant Hills), I'd ridden about 40 Km, so I figured I was about one third of the way into the trip. As it turned out, the best part of the trip was to follow, and I only wished I could have had more time to explore the region.



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