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Tazo Walks

Walking - My Favorite Pastime


Walking, my favourite pastime - especially through bushland and along new tracks


Making New Friends



Making friends with Sparrow - whilst having a swim in the Georges River

Dedicated Bushwalker

 Spring in Sydney just keeps getting more splendid - especially for all us dedicated bushwalkers

Breather at Tazo's Corner



Another lenghty weekend hike - just having a breather at Tazo's Corner while he buys a coffee

Late for the Soccer Match



Yet another splendid day for walking in the park. Would love to dally and sniff the She-oaks - but I'm running late for my soccer match


Tazo Hoodie



It's a bit cool out walking this morning - might have to wear a hoodie

Selective Hearing

 Selective Hearing - You talking to me?

A Jaunt in the Park




Clearly very happy to get out for a jaunt in the park - now the rain finally eased up a bit

Waiting at Websters Lookout



Waiting very patiently at Websters Lookout in Oatley Park - while he takes a photo (or twelve)

Another Decent Day for a Swim



 Another very decent day for a swim in the Georges River - in Jew Fish Bay



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