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Bush Scenes along Port Hacking



A couple of feral deer spotted roaming in a reserve pocket, north side of Port Hacking - away from the National Park


One-Legged Lorikeet


 Here's a one-legged Rainbow Lorikeet paying a visit - or maybe just having a good old scratch


Pied Cormorant



A couple of Little Pied Cormorants, drying their wings - at Taren Point, on the Georges River



Basking in the Sunshine



Basking in the sunshine on a cold winter morning - over the Georges River, in Oatley Park



Wood Ducks Return



Good to see this pair of Australian Wood Ducks returning - not spotted in Oatley Park for a while



Two Headed Duck

Spotted this two-headed duck in Oatley Park - on refection, it's a female Chestnut Teal


Tawny Frogmouth Pair


  Here's a better view of the pair of Tawny Frogmouths I've been spotting lately - in Oatley Park


Just Popped By


Now look who just dropped by - hoping for a bit of morning tea

River View in Como

A decent river view in Como

Nosey Neighbour

Nosey neighbour - I meant noisy

Cute Little Lorikeet

Cute little lorikeet, peeking through the Bottlebrush tree

Checking for the All Clear

Checking the area for the all clear,in Oatley Park - you can never be too sure these days

Sunbathing Lorikeets


These cheeky Rainbow Lorikeets in Oatley Park look for any opportunity to soak up the sunshine - especially on cold, overcast days

Pedestrian Traffic Conjestion in Oatley Park


Not much traffic on this road in Oatley Park - Plenty of pedestrian conjestion though


In a bit of a flap

A typical end of day scene in the Oatley Park forest - multitudes of Sulphur-crested Cockatoos flapping, squaking loudly and generally displaying signs of restlessness, as the settle down for the night.

Lorikeets Playing in the Undergrowth



Anyone fancy a game of Hide-and-Seek? - Lorikeets playing in the undergrowth in Oatley Park


Cathcart Village and Farms



Cathcart Village and surrounding farms and bushland - on the road to Bombala


Farmland on the Southern Highlands



More magic from the country on the Southern Tablelands 

- Some of the farm land scenery near Delegate, on the road from Bombala

Black Cockatoos near Tubbut



Some of the many Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos spotted near Tubut - on a trip through the Deddick Valley and the Snowy River National Park, in Victoria


Jingalalla River Camping


Camping along the Jingalalla River, on the road from Delegate to Tubbut in northern Victoria

Old Sheep Farm near Cathcart

Old sheep farm - near Cathcart, on the road to Bombala

Dooragen National Park



A cool, misty morning in Dooragan National Park - heading up to North Brother



View from Mt Tinbeerwah



View towards the Dividing Ranges from Mt Tinbeerwah - on the road from Cooroy to Tewantin

View from Top of the Range



View across the coastal plains to the South-East - from the top of the Range in Toowoomba


Hunter Valley Farm Scenes



Misty morning farm scenes - in the Hunter Valley


Farm Scenes near Wollombi



Some of the various farm and country scenery I've come across on my trips to Wollombi and beyond

Farmland near Taggerty


Lush farmland near Taggerty and Cathedral Range State Park - along the Maroondah Highway,Victoria

Busy Backroads into Warburton



Heading down some "busy" backroads - into Warburton


Kangaroo Valley Bike Ride and Scenery



Taking a leisurely ride along some of the backroads through Kangaroo Valley


Window Shopping Rosella



"Hello. Anyone in there? I'm here. When's morning tea?"


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