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White-browed Scrubwrens



A pair of White-browed Scrubwrens - spotted in the Oatley Park bushland

A Couple of Lorikeets Catching some Sun


A couple of Rainbow Lorikeets - poking their heads out to catch some morning sun (and have a look around)


Willie Wagtail in the Park



The Willie Wagtail may be a common sight around Australia - but still a very popular bird wherever she turns up

Red-browed Finch



The Red-browed Finch is another of the many small birds over-looked in Oatley Park


Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo - Male



A male Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo - spotted in Oatley Park (near Lime Kiln Bay)

A Windy August Morning


A chilly wind blowing over the Georges River and Hills End Lookout - not quite Spring yet, but still a decent morning for a walk


Fluffy Little Corella


Here's a cute and fluffy Little Corella, spotted leaving a hairdresser in Dolls Point - ready for a day on the town

Feels like Spring in Sans Souci



It may still be Winter in Sans Souci - but starting to feel more like Spring everyday, with mornings like these

Longed-billed Corellas




Long-billed Corellas - spotted in Oatley Park

Chubby Butcherbird

 A rather chubby looking Butcherbird from Oatley Park - clearly finding plenty of food in the bushland undergrowth and surrounds

Pleasant Walk in the Park



It's great to see our pair of Australian Wood Ducks again, enjoying a very pleasant afternoon walk in the local park


Bluewinged Kookaburra Swooping



Bluewinged Kookaburra, swooping low in Burnum Burnum Sanctuary - along the Woronora River

Bush Hiking in Woronora


Hiking through the bushland down to Woronora village was rewarding - getting back up the slopes was more challenging

Red Wattlebird in Glen Bushland Reserve



Red Wattlebird spotted in the splendid Glen Bushland Reserve - in Bonnet Bay


Where's the Pussum?



It looks like the possum's gone, Cyril. Cockatoos need to be cautious on rooftops

A Splash in the Pond



Making a bit of a splash at the duck pond - in Oatley Park wetlands


Galahs Walking in the Park



A splendid afternoon for a couple of Galahs, walking in the park - especially one full of Dandelions and other juicy weeds

Handsome Blue-winged Kookaburra



A very handsome Blue-winged Kookaburra - spotted in Burnum Burnum Sanctuary, along the Woronora River

Elevated Lorikeets

 Two Rainbow Lorikeets in Oatley Park - with an elevated perspective of the surrounding bushland

Visiting Crimson Rosella



Sitting in the Camellia Tree, on a very pleasant and sunny afternoon - a Crimson Rosella, visiting from the nearby Oatley Park bushland

Seaplanes on Botany Bay



Good to see the old seaplanes taking off from Botany Bay, once again

Sunrise on Botany Bay



Seagull hovering over Botany Bay at sunrise


Camera Shy Cockatoos Part-B



I think you're right, Mavis - Just ignore him and he'll go away


Camera Shy Cockatoos Part-A

 Pop your head out here for a sec, Cyril - I think that giant Turkey down there is staring at us

Female King Parrot



Female King Parrot, poking her head out - in some nearby bushland



Typical Day in the Park



Just another one of your typical days in the Park. Plenty of idle chatter - Much ado about nothing


Cheeky Lorikeet in Oatley Park



Now here's a rather cheeky Lorikeet spotted in Oatley Park - with a grin bigger than his tail feathers

Fishing with the Kids

 Taking the kids fishing, on the Georges River at Como

Jay-Walking Lapwings



Looks like a pair of smartly dressed business folk - jaywalking across the road in Como


Dense Bushland - Snowy River National Park


Some of the dense bushland in the Deddick Valley - travelling through the Snowy River National Park, in Victoria



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