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Soggy Rainbow Lorrikeet



A cute and soggy Rainbow Lorikeet dropped by in the drizzling rain, just to say hello - and seek a bit of sympathy

Jovial pair of Blue-winged Kookaburras



A pair of very jovial, Blue-winged Kookaburras - part of a larger community of Kookaburras to be found in the Oatley Park bushlands

Golden Whistler near Bendoc



This Golden Whistler was one of countless songbirds greeting me on a misty morning in the mountains near Bendoc


Black Swan near Lakes Entrance



A very handsome Black Swan spotted near Lakes Entrance on a splendid afternoon - part of a pair cruising along one of the many scenic waterways in the area

Family Ride from Whitfield to Mansfield



Riding with Junior, from Whitfield to Mansfield - past Powers Lookout


Crimson Rosellas in Yackandandah



Finding plenty of parrots and other birdlife in and around the Victorian country town of Yackandandah - especially these lovely Crimson Rosellas


Riding from Crackenback to Scammell's Spur

 Riding along the Alpine Way, from Crackenback to Scammell's Spur - on a cool but very pleasant morning

Noisy Friarbird in the Mountains



High in the treetops along the Alpine Way - a Noisy Friarbird has much to sing about

Peaceful Evening in the Mountains

 A very peaceful Spring afternoon in the mountains - along the Alpine Way near Tom Groggin camp site

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo



A splendid Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo in Oatley Park showing off her powerful claw - often seen ripping apart stumps in the local Mangroves, to extract a tasty grub or two


Bonna Point Reserve


Morning views across Quibray Bay, from Bonna Point Reserve - on the Kurnell Peninsula

September Sunset from Hills Peak



A very pleasant evening after a hot September day - views from Hills Peak over the Georges River


Australasian Figbird



A female Australasian Figbird - finding abundant berries and fruit this time of year in Oatley Park

Pleasant Spring Morning at Robinson Beach



A splendid start to another pleasant Spring day on Botany Bay - down at Lady Robinsons Beach


Cheeky Rainbow Lorikeets in Gunamatta Park


A couple of cheeky Rainbow Lorikeets in Gunamatta Park, Cronulla

More Black Cockatoos in Oatley Park



Here's some more of this magnificent creature getting around Oatley Park this Spring - Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos - just to brighten up your day

Ancient Looking Tawny Frogmouth



An ancient and sanguine looking Tawny Frogmouth - meditating in Oatley Park

Brisbane Waters National Park



Some views from Staples Lookout - across Brisbane Waters National Park, on the NSW Central Coast

Crimson Rosella in a She-oak


Crimson Rosella in a She-oak - checking out the early bushwalkers in Oatley Park

Splendid Spring Day on Lime Kiln Bay


What a splendid Spring on Lime Kiln Bay - perfect for fishing with some Cormorant fishing mates

Supurb Fairy-wren - Male Eclipse



Male eclipse of a Superb Fair-wren having a slight confrontation with a male Variegated Fairy-wren - spotted in Oatley Park


Spring Evening on the Georges River



What a splendid start to Spring in Sydney - with a glorious day and evening on the Georges River, in Oatley Park

Galahs in Poulton Park



Here's a pair of Galahs spotted in Poulton Park - getting plenty of roughage in their diet


Variegated Fairy-wren in Oatley Park


A male Variegated Fairywren, spotted in the Oatley Park bushland

White-browed Scrubwrens



A pair of White-browed Scrubwrens - spotted in the Oatley Park bushland

A Couple of Lorikeets Catching some Sun


A couple of Rainbow Lorikeets - poking their heads out to catch some morning sun (and have a look around)


Willie Wagtail in the Park



The Willie Wagtail may be a common sight around Australia - but still a very popular bird wherever she turns up

Red-browed Finch



The Red-browed Finch is another of the many small birds over-looked in Oatley Park


Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo - Male



A male Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo - spotted in Oatley Park (near Lime Kiln Bay)

A Windy August Morning


A chilly wind blowing over the Georges River and Hills End Lookout - not quite Spring yet, but still a decent morning for a walk



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