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Bird Stories

Blue-Faced Honeyeater in Kybong

 Here's a Blue-faced Honeyeater, hanging out with some Noisy Miners at Six Mile Creek rest area - a Glanmire, near Gympie

Finger Licking Good Cockatoo



I don't know what this Sulfur-crested Cockatoo had for lunch - but it was definitely "finger licking" good

Bird Stories

Stories in the world of birds.

Showcasing the numerous birdlife we've come across in our travels, especially birds of colourful plumage and character.  Many of these photos are taken close to home during our daily travels or weekend walks.  Many others are photographed on our country getaways, touring and camping. 

Seasoned Old Bush Turkey



Now here's a seasoned old Brush Turkey (wannabe politician, maybe), in Lane Cove - brushing up on his oratory skills


Sulfur-crested Cockatoo in Lane Cove

 A Sulfur-crested Cockatoo - getting up close and friendly, in a park in Lane Cove North

Rainbow Lorikeet on a Rock Face



A bright and colourful Rainbow Lorikeet - on a rock face in Oatley Park


Superb Fairy-wren in Bombo



A Superb Fairy-wren on a rocky fence at Bombo Headland - enjoying the view along Bombo Beach toward Pheasant Point and Kiama

Handsome Kookaburra in Stringbark Creek Reserve



A very handsome Kookaburra - spotted in the Stringybark Creek Reserve in Lane Cove North


White-bellied Sea Eagle



A magnificent White-bellied Sea Eagle - on patrol over the Hacking River and Royal National Park, on a clear winter morning near Grays Point

Crimson Rosellas in Walcha


Very prevalent along the East coast and ranges of NSW - here's a pair of Crimson Rosellas, wandering around the backyard - on a chilly but clear, splendid morning in Walcha

Breakfast with a View over Botany Bay

 This Rainbow Lorikeet has the right idea, on a very pleasant morning overlooking Botany Bay, down at Brighton-Le-Sands

Fishing Buddies in Grays Point



Two boganbird fishing buddies - having a good look around at Swallows Rock boat ramp in Grays Point


Resourceful Cockatoo in Dolls Point



A resourceful Sulfur-crested Cockatoo in Dolls Point - searching for grubs for brekkie in a woody stump

Kookaburra on verandah post



Here's a good-looking kookaburra spotted guarding the front door of a house in North Avoca

Red Wattlebird in Bonna Point Reserve



Here's another Red Wattlebird - spotted in the splendid Bonna Point Reserve on the Kurnell Peninsula

Cockatoo in a Crepe Myrtle Tree



Another Sulfur-crested Cockatoo staring back at me - looking very pretty in a Crepe Myrtle tree


Rainbow Lorikeet amongst the blossoms

 Good morning folks from Kingsgrove - don't forget to have a hearty breakfast before setting off to work or your daily adventures

Sulfur-crested Cockatoo - Posing



If you want my opinion - I reckon this Sulfur-crested Cockatoo spotted in Oatley Park is a bit of a poser 


Eastern Rosella on a farm near Towrang



One of the many Eastern Rosellas getting around the bushland, on a farm near Towrang


Bassian Thrush - Barren Grounds Reserve



Spotted this Bassian Thrush along the top of the escarpment - in the splendid Barren Grounds nature reserve near Jamberoo


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